How Does Our AI Crossword Solver Work?

Finding answers to popular crossword clues is quite easy, but finding answers to a crossword in a rare newspaper or magazine can be a real challenge. That's why our AI Crossword Solver Tool was created. We want to provide our users with answers to any clue. Let's take a look at the process under

Our Team

Every day, our team works hard and monitors all popular crosswords. When a new crossword comes out, we try to provide answers as soon as possible and add them to our database. We mark such answers with "Verified" badge to show you that this answer was verified by our staff. Of course, it's not possible to cover all crossword puzzles from each newspaper, website, or created by your college proffesor. This is where AI comes into play.


Our AI has been trained on thousands of gigabytes of data and designed to solve crossword clues. Enter a clue in the search box and the AI will provide you with a list of 10 possible answers. The answers will be sorted by relevance, so the first one is more likely to answer your clue.

Searching Process

When you meet a clue you can't find an answer to, type it the search box. After entering several letters, our Crossword Solver Tool will show you a dropdown list of similar clues that our team added to the database. If you find a clue that you're looking for in the list, click on the link and on the clue's page you will find a verified answer to this clue. In 99.99% cases verified answer is a correct solution. If you don't see your clue or want to ask AI, finish typing your clue and press "Ask AI" button. Don't forget to select the number of letters and enter a pattern to help the AI. After pressing the button, you will see a page with 10 answers from the AI and similar clues from the database. To see the similar clues, press "More answers" button.

As you can see, each clue has a high chance of being answered. If the clue is not in our database, the AI will answer it. If the AI can't provide the correct solution, in most cases you will find it in the database of clues.

How to Improve Your Crossword Puzzle Solving Skills

Crossword puzzles are a great way to exercise your mind and expand your vocabulary. However, solving them can be a challenge, especially for beginners. To become proficient in solving crossword puzzles, it is important to develop a special method that works for you.

To begin solving a crossword puzzle, use a pencil or pen to fill in answers that you're certain about based on the given clues. Challenge yourself to rely on your memory rather than external resources, as this will help train your recall abilities and increase your speed for future puzzles. This process takes time, but persistence and patience pay off with good results.

As you solve more crossword puzzles, your memory will begin to accumulate item names, animals, events, historical places, and famous people. Success in solving crossword puzzles requires not only hard practice, but also a special method.

One effective method is to start by writing out words vertically and horizontally that you are 100% sure of. Then, you can use the letters from these words to help you fill in the blanks in other words. If there are still words you can't guess, you can open an encyclopedia or other reference material to refresh your memory of events mentioned in the crossword puzzle.

If you are still stuck, you can turn to our AI Crossword Solver tool for assistance. Enter the clue into the search field, and our AI will help you find the answer. However, it's important not to be in a hurry to write the word into the crossword puzzle. Instead, write down the new word in a special notebook and challenge yourself to memorize it over time.

Repeat the new words in several hours, before bedtime, and upon waking up. After two or three days, try to recall the word on your own before filling it into the crossword square. This method helps to cement the word in long-term memory, making it more useful in solving future puzzles. Additionally, since words are often repeated in crossword puzzles, keeping a special notebook with difficult terms can be helpful for future reference.

By practicing regularly, you can improve your skills and expand your vocabulary. As your knowledge grows, you can move on to more difficult crossword puzzles. It can also be helpful to join online communities of "crossword puzzlers" to share tips and strategies.

In conclusion, to become a skilled "crossword puzzler", it's important to read widely and be curious about the world. With patience, persistence, and a personal method, you can develop your own intelligence and conquer even the most challenging crossword puzzles.

Recent Clues

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How Crossword Puzzles Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

Some people believe crosswords are a waste of time, others find them a very usefull and interesting pastime. So, who is right? Let's take a closer look.

One thing that many people can agree on is that no one likes waiting. Fortunately, solving crossword puzzles can make time go by faster. That's why people often do crosswords on the train, plane or subway. Did you know that night watchmen rank first in solving crosswords while on the job?

Successfully completing a puzzle can give a person a sense of accomplishment and increase their self-esteem. People usealy feel satisfied that they've exercised their brain. Crossword puzzles have also been shown to be a great and effective way to relieve stress.

People who like competition and victory solve crossword puzzle more than other. Scientifically speaking, when person focuses on solving a crossword and successfully completes it, they experience a rush of positive emotions, like with a small victory. Solving puzzles becomes a cocktail of pleasant feelings, and many people seek to experience this feeling again and again. This passion for victory can even appear in other areas of a person's life, making them feel like they can handle anything.

Regularly winning at crossword puzzles can have positive effects on a person's mental health. It can help the brain produce more of the "happy hormone" serotonin, which helps to have a positive outlook on all life situations.

From Kids to Seniors: The Benefits of Solving Crosswords

For centuries, people have been solving crossword puzzles. Did you know that crossword puzzles have even been discovered during excavations in Pompeii? But are crosswords really good for the brain?

Solving themed crosswords is an excellent way to increase erudition and explore a specific area of knowledge. If you want to learn a foreign language, crossword puzzles can be very helpful too. They help to remember new words, understand their meaning and interpretation. Additionally, solving crosswords can help to train and improve memory.

Spending time with crossword puzzles can broaden your knowledge, making you more intelligent and interesting in conversation. Knowledge is a valuable asset that stays with you throughout your life. Nobody can steal it.

Crossword puzzles can be especially useful for older people in the prevention of senile diseases. Crossword puzzles can be even more effective than using special programs designed for the elderly with cognitive impairment. Like muscles, the human brain needs exercise to stay healthy. If old people solve crossword puzzles, they help them maintain their mental health and logical thinking skills. This pastime is much more useful than watching TV.

Crosswords can also be a useful learning tool for children. They can help increase childrens' vocabulary, improve logic skills and expand their horizons.

Parents can easily create simple and entertaining crossword puzzles, such as a funny ladder with pictures, for their child. Ladder crossword is when the last letter of each word is the beginning of the next word. Neuropsychologists recommend doing puzzles with children to enhance their learning experience and stimulate long-term memory retention.

In conclusion, playing crosswords sharpens the mind and promotes clear logical thinking. It's an enjoyable activity that makes you cleverer, more erudite, and continues the youth of the brain.

Tips of Creating Your Own Crossword Puzzles

Are you looking for a new interesting hobby and something that will boost your brain. Making crossword puzzles is exactly what you need. Have you ever made them?

To get started, choose a topic that you're interested in. This will make the process go smoothly and quickly. You can use resources like Wikipedia, other encyclopedias, our AI Crossword Solver tool, different books (on history, geography, space, cooking, etc) to generate a list of names, events, places. The list of words is the beginning of a new crossword puzzle.

When you have your list, write a description of each word without revealing its name. For example, you could write "Who was the first man on the Moon?" or "What is the largest island in the world?" Then, choose the longest word and write it horizontally. Next, look for the first letter of this word in other words. If you find one, write it vertically. Repeat this with the second, the third and other letters. Check the horizontal lines. Can you come up with some new words, even if they're not on your list? If yes, then do it. It can make your work more difficult, but more interesting.

Once you have all words, draw the empty squares and number them vertically and horizontally. –°ongratulations! Your new puzzle is ready.

Did you enjoy the process? Making crossword puzzles is just as fun as solving them. This can be a great way to spend your free time. You can share your creations with family and friends. They will definitely enjoy them.

If you create a personalized puzzle, it'll be an unforgettable gift.

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