30.48 of them fit in a ft. Crossword Clue

The clue was last seen in the Universal crossword on January 29, 2024.


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Answer Clue
ALLIES "Us" or "them" in "It's us against them"
TRAINS Makes one fit to get them wet after a little tea (6)
ATHLETICS One is fit to take part in them (9)
SIMILE "Fit like a glove" or "fit as a fiddle"
SUIT Fit ... or something checked for fit
IDIOTS By the sound of them, more on them but little on top of them (6)
INCURABLE Become liable to fit (but not to become fit) (9)
FIDDLE Fit as a . . . . . . is very fit (6)
ANTS Them in "Them!"
AMOUNTS A horse is coming to them, or some of them, by the sound of them (7)
ATEE fit to ___ (fit perfectly, 2 wds)
MASSES The "them" in "Let them eat cake"
ARABLE A farmer finally fit, fit for ploughing (6)
INTERSPERSE Performs burials by oneself to fit them in between other things (11)
CROWSFEET Birds have them, and the ayes may have them too, by the sound of them (5-4)
FOIE "You kill rich people and take the organs from them, 'cause there's a lot of poor people who need those for transplants. And of course, for food. And as we all know, rich people's organs are a delicacy. We would force feed them organic grains, get them al

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