Animated costume designer who explicitly disapproves of capes Crossword Clue

The clue was last seen in the The Modern Crossword crossword on January 28, 2024.


8 letters

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Answer Clue
censures In short, you are in the scenes one disapproves of (8)
NUDIST One who disapproves of clothes (6)
SUBS Heroes that don't wear capes
INCA People whose soldiers had alpaca capes
BOOZE Soundly disapproves of alcohol (5)
CARBONCOPIES Capes, which are exactly the same (6,6)
objectives Disapproves when I've abandoned targets
LIONESSES Some in pride twirling crude capes (9)
NOT "__ all heroes wear capes"
MULETAS Matadors' red capes
HAWTHORN What confusion in one of the capes for prickly sort (8)
FROWNSON Disapproves of one's child supporting father (6,2)
TOREROS Figures in capes
SPACE Room for capes (5).
HEROES Not All ______ Wear Capes : Adam Young song
FANONS Papal capes
EDNA ___ Mode, "no capes" advocate in "The Incredibles"

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