Emphasize, perhaps Crossword Clue

The clue was last seen in the The Modern Crossword crossword on January 28, 2024.


7 letters

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Answer Clue
REITERATE Emphasize, in a way
RAMHOME Emphasize strongly
DRIVEHOMEAPOINT Emphasize one's message
UNDERLINE Emphasize, stress importance (9)
RUBIN Emphasize, as an embarrassing error
PLAYUP Emphasize quiet, close shot (4,2)
ACCENT Emphasize Brooklyn, e.g. (6)
RAMITHOME Strongly emphasize a point
SOFTPEDAL De-emphasize
MIC Drop the ___ (emphasize a sick burn)
GOODNESSKNOWS *Phrase used to emphasize the truth of something
FANEDITS They may be cut to emphasize stars
DISTRESS I'd turn up and emphasize that I'm in dire trouble (8)
SFORZATO Exchanging this, some spell "emphasize", stopping at nothing with "emphasise"! (8)
ITALIC ___ type (it's used to emphasize text)
HAMMERAT Persistently emphasize
STRESS Really emphasize

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