Gold Card co. Crossword Clue

The clue was last seen in the Universal crossword on January 29, 2024.


4 letters

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Answer Clue
ECARTE 32-card card game
DRAW Pick a card, any card
ANY ''Pick a card, __ card''
STUDPOKER Five-card or seven-card game
WARPENTSAT High-card-wins card game | Cooped (up) | Used a bench
TRUMP Card from chosen suit in various card games (5)
CASINOWAR *Card game that's a gambling variant of a simpler card game
ACE Lowest card in a 5-high straight, or the highest card in a royal flush
UNO Card game where you need to declare when you have only one card left or else you must draw two more
WAR Card game where, as far as I know, you have no obligation to declare when you have only one card left

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