Joint operations Crossword Clue

The clue was last seen in the Universal crossword on January 29, 2024.


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15 letters

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Answer Clue
RAIDS Corporate operations
CIA Org. with operations
RESCUEMISSIONS Life-saving operations
SORTS Database operations
MEDSCHOOL Center of operations?
SIEGES Fort-capturing operations
STINGS Some undercover operations
UNARY Like certain math operations
COVERT Like C.I.A. operations
MOPUP Finish off, as operations
DELTAFORCE Special Operations group
SWIRL Joint option at a froyo joint
DIGITALCOMPUTER Performer of complicated operations
SALS Pizza joint in a Spike Lee joint
NCO Operations ___ (Army position)
AIELLO Danny who played the owner of a pizza joint in a Spike Lee joint
REHAB New-joint joint?
MITER Bishop's hat that looks like a corner joint (or is it the corner joint that looks like the bishop's hat? might be a chicken/egg situation)

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Clue History

The clue was used in 3 different puzzles.

Date Answer Crossword Author
Jan 29, 2024 NATOEXERCISES Universal ("Three-Way Switch") By Alan Levin / Ed. David Steinberg
Jan 29, 2024 HIPREPLACEMENTS Universal ("Three-Way Switch") By Alan Levin / Ed. David Steinberg
Jan 29, 2024 CANNABISSHOPS Universal ("Three-Way Switch") By Alan Levin / Ed. David Steinberg

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