"Killers of the Flower Moon" tribe Crossword Clue

The clue was last seen in the Universal crossword on January 29, 2024.


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Answer Clue
CYCLE New moon to new moon, e.g.
FALLEQUINOX A harvest moon is the full moon closest to it
PHASE New moon or full moon, e.g.
YOLK Egg part that symbolizes the moon in a Chinese moon cake
OTAKU One over the moon for Sailor Moon
TITAN Saturn’s largest moon and the only moon in the solar system known to have clouds and a dense atmosphere (5)
PHASES New moon, full moon and others
MONGEESE Cobra killers, humorously
TSUKIMI Festival honouring the autumn moon, stems from a tradition to hold parties to view the harvest moon in 4 Across (7)
SEMINOLE ___ Tribe of Florida (people who call themselves “the only Tribe in America who never signed a peace treaty”)
TROU Drop ___ (moon) .... moon ... stars ....... the universe, it's .... my god it's full of stars ........
AVA Burt's "The Killers" co-star, 1946
STAKES Dracula killers

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