Makes up ground Crossword Clue

The clue was last seen in the Universal crossword on January 29, 2024.


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Answer Clue
HUMUS At last, American drone makes up ground (5)
OATMEAL Been ground from the ground (7)
ADDLES Makes rotten -- makes muddled (6)
RIPEN Yellow and drop to the ground, as ground cherries
EARTHY Your addition to a sound organ makes it like the ground (6)
ROSETTES Left the ground, test ground, with badges (8)
SWOOSH Makes love in silence but then makes a noise (6)
GRINDS One makes ground with the skins at last (6)
SPONGES The suckers one makes makes a sucker of (7)
YIELD Will the farmer give ground for what the ground gives him? (5)
DANGER It makes one see red; at last it makes one see red (6)
OIL Coming out of the ground, the South might make it ground (3).
BACK The sort of ground that's not for ground, by the sound of it (4)
AXIOM "Practice makes perfect" or "Haste makes waste"
WANKHEDE South Mumbai cricket ground serving as the Mumbai Indians' home ground for the last few seasons
HEAP Father makes a comeback after he makes a pile (4)
Racewalking This sport requires that a competitor’s advancing foot touch the ground before the rear foot leaves the ground. Olympic distances of this sport are typically 20 and 50 km. (11)
MEGAPODE There are a dozen species of these ground-living birds found in Australia and some Pacific Islands. One species in Tonga makes a nest of hot volcanic ash, which keeps its eggs warm.

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