Michael Jackson hit featuring Eddie Van Halen on guitar Crossword Clue

The clue was last seen in the Universal crossword on January 29, 2024.


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Answer Clue
ITS "When ___ Love" (Van Halen hit)
HOTFORTEACHER 1984 "educational" Van Halen song
HAGAR Sammy who sang with Van Halen
EDDIE Rocker Vedder or Van Halen
SAMMYHAGAR David Lee Roth's Van Halen successor
DIVEBOMB Rapid, pitch lowering guitar playing technique pioneered by Jimi Hendrix and used by the Stones, Van Halen and others
SAMMY Hagar of Van Halen
JUMP Van Halen song that starts "I get up, and nothin' gets me down"
ALEX Drummer Van Halen
ROTH Van Halen’s David Lee ___
ANET Van Halen's "Live Without ___"

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Michael Jackson hit featuring Eddie Van Halen on guitar

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