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Dec 01, 2023

Crossword by Jem Burch.

Answer Clue
Hardly a quick read
One hoping to catch a break
Program started under Kennedy
Lose momentum
Paul who sang with Sam Cooke and Neil Sedaka on the 1963 album "3 Great Guys"
Boom box contents?
Roughly a quarter of Girl Scout cookie sales
Danish restaurant with "Best Restaurant in the World" accolades
___ Heath, U.S. women's soccer star
Medieval lockup
Comedic bit
A real piece of cake
Flow chart?
Upper bound at a bank
Well-versed in
Fly "away!"
Narrow landforms prevalent in Zion National Park
Big metal manufacturer
California-based biotechnology giant
Engage in scrambling or bouldering
Windy City commuters' inits.
Experience euphoria
Landmark in Madrid, Oslo or Brussels
Chinese dynasty in which gunpowder was invented
Shape of some desks
Green house?
Light-sensitive cells
High roller?
Lead-in to gender
Where sockets are found
Tower of London figure
Sarcastic expression of gratitude
City in the Red River delta
Blended products
Massive step forward, so to speak
Reality show whose cast appeared in the music video for Taylor Swift's "You Need to Calm Down"
They're inclined to help beginners
They require inspiration
Playground retort
Long, in Hawaiian
Shouts of joy
Some nectar sources
Like the Mocha coffee bean
Really hurts
Bringing in, as a sail
First name in California politics
Spa treatment, for short
College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Exemplary individual
Third of the peerage ranks
Youngest White House resident since John F. Kennedy Jr.
"Bubbles" in a drink
Didn't go out, maybe
New Deal-era org.
Feature of many a documentary
Not as open
Some hydrating skin-care products
Identifiers of a sort: Abbr.
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