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Sep 14, 2023

"18304" crossword by Dominic.

Answer Clue
8. Admitted taking on fellow that's not been removed
9. Toss around hot potatoes, removing ash all over
10. Half of band show is a big party
11. Emotionally painful ensuring property is secure
12. Dramatic Venetian lady with very flash car they say
14. Unusual find in friendly energy supplier
15. Rough destination for golfer showing indifference to road safety?
18. Ann gets back into good books, but can get dumped
20. Second arch takes time in general
22. Not going out to offend when snaffling the icing?
24. Being shrewd, steer into empty ferry
25. Leave old city gent with director, one who enjoys food
26. Deeply unhappy about how digital information is stored
1. Stage oratory essentially must be flowing
2. Upset Amish when vacating this US territory
3. Break down a niche to the most basic state
4. Stimulate commotion where criminals are kept
5. Correct young lad ingesting drug
6. They made 200 singles
7. Witness fine old queen embraced by fool
13. Attractive piece is what should count in competition
14. Gets award for containing rising inefficiency
16. Unexpected notice given around six terminating rental agreement
17. Exciting trick played after caper cut short
19. Show annoyance talking about stuff to do with wedding
21. Variable element of religious flock showing indifference
23. Olympians at the highest level during play
24. Tips from friends in business seldom are unreliable
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