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Jan 28, 2024

"Themeless 59" crossword by By Nova Qi. Edited by Anna Gundlach..

Answer Clue
Namesake of a college dorm, often
Where bills are passed?
Follow a %22go big or go home%22 mentality
Tool, e.g.
It might accompany a villain%27s monologue
Tel Aviv airline
They%27re removed to make instrumental versions
Symbol of friendship in 44-Across
Tech support whiz
%22Memento%22 director Christopher
It can be used as a fly catcher
___ phonetic alphabet
Fly catcher
Operating system
%22Zelda II: The Adventure of Link%22 console
Rosh Hashanah bread
%22Big Little Lies%22 author Moriarty
Many a character in %22One Piece%22
MVP quarterback Manning
Muscle worked with pull-ups, for short
Stuffed shell
___ ghanoush
Leave suddenly
A couple bucks?
Swig sound
Kind of plug or slug
No. 1 closest pal
Common site of tearing, for short
%22Et voilà!%22
Deli order that might give you fish breath
Bra style with low cups
Modern art
One who makes you work online?
USS Enterprise or Battlestar Galactica
Took off
___ Bronx
Building code?
Lift up
Boards, as a streetcar
Like some cakes and stadiums
Island home to Haleakala Observatory
%22Liberty and Prosperity,%22 for New Jersey
Us or People, e.g.
High woodwind
Singer Sivan
Properly pitched
Taro dish
WA winter setting
Spanish bar snack
Emphasize, perhaps
Royal address?
Like some odds, ironically
Check out the big game?
Not masc.
Like many online streams
Tolkien%27s Treebeard, for one
Earth-shattering moment
%22I hear ya%22
Animated costume designer who explicitly disapproves of capes
Make a bad impression on?
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