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Jan 29, 2024

"Three-Way Switch" crossword by By Alan Levin / Ed. David Steinberg.

Answer Clue
Stingray feature
Texter's closest buddy
Concert venue
Big name in home sales
Michael Jackson hit featuring Eddie Van Halen on guitar
React to the alarm
Completely erase
Gold Card co.
Leafy green
Put forth, as effort
Outer limit
Snaky swimmers
Bambi's mother is one
Type of theater at a science museum, perhaps
Roping and riding competition
Like the Pacific Northwest, for much of the year
Disaster relief org.
Soccer star born Edson Arantes do Nascimento
It may be obtuse
Joint operations
"Killers of the Flower Moon" tribe
Imaginary line that Earth spins around
Adjust the pitch of
Mexican foods associated with Tuesday
Olive and corn products
Chips or cookies, say
Richard's predecessor in the White House
Kitchen timer sound
"A Man Called ___" (2022 film)
Settle in like a bird
30.48 of them fit in a ft.
Martial artist Jackie
Shiny mineral
Makes up ground
Con game
Construction workplace
Joint operations
Strike a chord
Time period
Concert souvenirs, informally
Rural real estate unit
Nickname for Schwarzenegger
Vote of support
Home of the Blue Light Special
Imaginary line at about 23.5 degrees latitude
Cookie that's a Hydrox imitation
First U.S. president born after 1946
Farm's bounty
Musical drama
Former White House press secretary Jen
Joint operations
Bye, in Bologna
Uninvited picnic guests
Age following Bronze
River sediment
"Smooth Operator" singer
Peninsula crossed by Lawrence of Arabia
35mm camera type
53-Down highlight
Partners of carrots
IRS form ID
Barista's creation
"When they made you, they broke the ___"
Romantic flower
Put some chips in the pot
Firstborn son
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