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Oct 01, 2023

"ORCA SIGHTINGS" crossword by By Rafael Musa / Ed..

Answer Clue
Rice, pasta, bread, etc.
Kiss ___ (opportunity for some PDA)
Totally confused
Musical performance
Garment that covers more than a hijab or niqab
Teapot features
Home theater fixtures
"Here's a summary" initials
Express in words
Solemnly promise
Watch fastener
Big truck
Sends out
Chemical used to remove nail polish
Vessel used to fry eggs
Gobbled down
"This is a new ___ for me"
Actress Mena
Econ class
Rolled board game cube
Place to store alcohol at home
Traditional latke ingredient
Vacation and sick days, etc. (Abbr.)
Slice of history
Word on a red octagonal sign
Touchdowns are worth six, for short
Org. that confiscates water bottles
"Ctrl" and "SOS" singer
All the time
Brief point in time
Singer Rita
Capital on the Bygdoy Peninsula
Ship that transports petroleum
"She" in French
British restroom
Amusement park attractions
Kitty that doesn't leave the house
After deductions
Tax Day mo.
Undies, or places to keep them
Opposite of surplus
"For here" alternative
Assistant that might read your iMessages
Like people from Milan
Lets up
Once ___ lifetime
"I agree!"
Reacted in shock
Number of sides for a decagon
Nickname that drops the "el"
Pointy-eared folklore creature
Person who enjoys solitude
Painting holder
Garam ___ (spice blend)
Took without paying
Royal residence outside London
Extinct flightless bird
Cut up, like veggies
Lizard with sticky feet
Student's stat.
"I'll pass"
Past the ___ of no return
Casual top
Asked probing questions
Angsty music genre
Make very happy
Lead-in to "physics" or "turf"
Part of a gym count
Tightly packed
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