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Jan 17, 2024

"Put Your Mind at Ease" crossword by By Greg Snitkin/Edited by Mike Shenk.

Answer Clue
Sch. just over a mile southeast of Harvard
Patrick Mahomes, for Super Bowl LVII
Drink made from frozen grapes
Bird that forages on the ground, despite its name
Tiny amount
Jefferson's portrayer in "Jefferson in Paris"
Parent's indecisive response
Where it's lonely, reportedly
Chain offering a Chocolate Chunk Brownie Blast
Swedish coin
Ran into
Rich deposit
Cal. pages
Device dusted off to watch old home movies, perhaps
Wise to
Performer with a cape
Discussion on the merits of Easter candy?
Gives props to
Govt. securities
"You ___ kidding!"
Weak, as evidence
Prom queen accessories
City whose Piazza del Duomo includes a famous tower
Haunted waterway?
Make a comeback tour possible, perhaps
Play reviewers, of a sort
Bar code?
Remove (a post) from the start of one's profile
Formerly known as
Do lunch, say
Rx overseer
Lightly roast
Croatian coin
High regard
Spine-stretching yoga pose
Human-powered taxi
Angry oboist, maybe?
Some farmers thought it unsafe to plant crops until they blossomed
Close one
2006 film whose main character is Lightning McQueen
Container in a recycling bin
Epoch division
Company with the slogan "Made to move you"
Bestselling singer of the 2010s
Some sharks
Eon division
In days past
Come by
Career employee
Tends to a garden for the first time?
Carrier in Cuzco
Song performed in a high range?
SUV alternative
Wrestler/actor John
Hang ominously
Tip line incentive
Join together
Nuevo México, por ejemplo
Superlative suffix
California's Big ___
Response to oversharing
Root veggie served along with the entree?
Have a bawl
X, sometimes
Did basic math
Shape for a cartouche
"Inconstancy falls off ___ it begins": "The Two Gentlemen of Verona"
Pre-Olympics events
Give a little
Fig. with two hyphens
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