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Put some chips in the pot "When they made you, they broke the ___" IRS form ID Partners of carrots 53-Down highlight Peninsula crossed by Lawrence of Arabia Age following Bronze Former White House press secretary Jen Farm's bounty First U.S. president born after 1946 Cookie that's a Hydrox imitation Imaginary line at about 23.5 degrees latitude Home of the Blue Light Special Rural real estate unit Concert souvenirs, informally Construction workplace Makes up ground 30.48 of them fit in a ft. Settle in like a bird "A Man Called ___" (2022 film) Richard's predecessor in the White House Chips or cookies, say Mexican foods associated with Tuesday Imaginary line that Earth spins around "Killers of the Flower Moon" tribe Joint operations It may be obtuse Soccer star born Edson Arantes do Nascimento Like the Pacific Northwest, for much of the year Roping and riding competition Type of theater at a science museum, perhaps Bambi's mother is one Gold Card co. React to the alarm Michael Jackson hit featuring Eddie Van Halen on guitar Big name in home sales Texter's closest buddy Stingray feature Make a bad impression on? Animated costume designer who explicitly disapproves of capes %22I hear ya%22 Earth-shattering moment Tolkien%27s Treebeard, for one Like many online streams Check out the big game? Emphasize, perhaps WA winter setting Singer Sivan Us or People, e.g. %22Liberty and Prosperity,%22 for New Jersey Island home to Haleakala Observatory Like some cakes and stadiums Boards, as a streetcar ___ Bronx USS Enterprise or Battlestar Galactica One who makes you work online? Bra style with low cups Deli order that might give you fish breath %22Et voilà!%22 Common site of tearing, for short No. 1 closest pal Kind of plug or slug Swig sound A couple bucks? Don%27ts Muscle worked with pull-ups, for short MVP quarterback Manning Many a character in %22One Piece%22 %22Big Little Lies%22 author Moriarty Rosh Hashanah bread %22Zelda II: The Adventure of Link%22 console ___ phonetic alphabet It can be used as a fly catcher %22Memento%22 director Christopher Symbol of friendship in 44-Across %22Whaddyasay?%22 They%27re removed to make instrumental versions It might accompany a villain%27s monologue Tool, e.g. Follow a %22go big or go home%22 mentality Where bills are passed? Namesake of a college dorm, often English singer known for her duet on Fairytale of New York (6,7) Horse joint - or German wine? (4) Subtractive colour model used in printing (4) City of the ancient world in what is now Tunisia (8) Joan __, Catalan painter and sculptor (4) __ Rayner, deputy leader of the Labour Party (6) The Egyptian god of the underworld (6) Lifestyle brand founded by Gwyneth Paltrow (4) Actor who played Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises (4,8) JM Barrie's boy who never grows up? (5,3) __ Capone, Chicago gangster who died in 1947 (8) Mrs __, character from The Rivals who often misspeaks with occasionally comic effect (8) Abdel Fatah al-__, Egyptian president (4) Bob __, Paul Whitehouse's fishing companion (8) Irish singer known for Fairytale of New York (5,8) Jack __, character played by Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic (6) The youngest of the sisters in Little Women (3,5) Flying insect whose crotchet is a timing interval in I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue? (4) Colour, in Greek (6) Area of linguistics (7) Flexible cutting tool (7) Spat (4) Amber, say (5) Depicted - teenage sleuth (4) E.g. Franz Ferdinand (8) BBQ implement (6) When one performs badly (3-3) Steakhouse option (4) Ready for a snack (7) Achieve a desired outcome in the face of opposition (3,4,3,3) In a forthright manner (8) Taking off (13) Trendy officer, usually (2,7) A link for G&S? (9) Produces notes maybe and runs a profitable business (5,5) Animals having miserable sleep upside down (6) Smart Conservative overcoming Left always (6) Ape going across an area at top of jungle? (6) One cold summer in France with a cold drink (3,3) Fierce female in flower firm providing deliveries (6) Don't allow one outhouse to be got rid of (8) Firm's worker overseen by leading man (7) Feeling of unease evident in German criminal (8) Flourish as British operator starting off (7) Ruler wants stove to keep hot (4) Woman offering article, newspaper's leader (3) Man to bounce up and down (3) Servant hugging old fellow on the river? (7) Man and daughter getting on (3) Woman to bring to trial? (3) Troubled fool has rushed around (8) Way grand house is mentioned (6) German Mrs, a cheat for the most part (4) Periods of world revolution! (5) Ace travelling to Saturn? One usually goes less far! (9) See female awfully fit finally carry half a ton! (5) William and directors providing a medium for advertisements (9) Severe English author (6) Pit workers - children reportedly (6) Beer that gives you wind (7) Craftsperson who does not stand aloof from company? (6) Wine left outside home? Blow that! (8) Seat is adjusted for rest (6) Depended on a fast round (5) What the bride says afterwards won't be in church (8) Father has to avail himself of a temporary rest (5) Perfect lady about fifty (8) Venture to say it could go on forever (5) This vehicle will not go under water (5) Wrongly opted for the storehouse (5) Seal is broken revealing passages (6) Animal seen in the menagerie (3) Cask from the King's Head for example (3) Vessel that had a full complement of mates (3) To grease it means hard work (5) Broken nail lost horse (8) A very exacting business (5) Circular belt of gas (5) End of a novel passage (5) Reach the heights in music? (5) It may be carried on though by-laws forbid it (6) Larry won perhaps but not by a lot (8) Grown like this it's an offence (5) Macbeth possibly makes comeback in Shakespeare poem (5) Sneak off but stop around back of castle in the style of William the First (5,4) Slice served up for gin (4) It's an honour to hold doctor's second instrument (4) One who investigates figures has stamina to be exercised (9) Bohemian, gutless and irritable (4) A plank across a ship (5) Continental fair refurbished toilet (7) Repeatedly, starts to quietly walk around former 25 homeland (6) Writer absorbed by dictionary spread out (6) A prior revolutionary queen is like some Ba'athists (3-4) Functions as nice Royal Society assembly (3,5) Mount of dictator's fed up (5) Charlie perhaps with a scruffy yak being ancient Indian polymath (8) Remove short pocket (3) It involves mate getting companion to accompany letter (5) Heating enabled with this element (5) Blind Faith ultimately deliver when following Sabbath (7) Make clear that engineer can slumber (10) Posh knight better remove hat (5) 'More unusual' place of learning associated with queen, earl and king (7) Repair an electronic item? Correct (5) Prolonged emergency - the last part of 6 breaking out (9) Trim bust in front of Conservative having come to be expected (9) Popular Omani covered up nose (5) Kite maybe caught for English composer (4) A rook is not so present around New England (6) Maybe 8 block freezer (4,6) Crosses jaw, that hurts seriously in the face (6) Emperor is in Madrid hosting queen and other rulers (1-7) Bishop and President having a tot (4) Prisoner associated with tower plot (8) Supports rector going down and stops (4) Cut-off trousers and vest are, surprisingly, items of great value (8,6) A wading bird in a bar (4) Playwright's retrospective to depict old, cold Spanish kingdom (4,6) Kinaesthetically immaculate Russians' orchestrated variations, primarily? (5) Some out-drank a rake in Turkish city (6) Advise against ructions (in part) (8) Both sides of Atlantic flipping over party puzzle (6) Secretly listens in on (bugs) (7) Smear last bit of oil into power tool (7) Humiliated Head of Communications was anxious (9) Honesty also seen in court? Not quite (7) Fry - and damage (4) In announcement, name location on the web (4) Still, I can dance a little (9) Theatrical farce no one gets rid of (though second character cut) (6,3) Malicious, up itself play (8) Sixth to recognise fool's gold, somewhere in the Bahamas (6) The Spanish tucked into chocolate snack before tango with songwriter (6,4) Footwear from scaly reptile (4) Find new direction for overture, not very flowing (2-5) Bill reduced slightly, Morse's colleague (Geordie) wanting cheapest plonk (5,4) Everyman increasingly intoxicated, overheard in warmer part of Europe (6) Equipment swap? Quite the reverse! (5,2,3,5) Marks given to Mötley Crüe? (7) Thieves in prisons (5) What's travelled quickly, leading to stir? (7) Stuttering, so we mangled – these? (6,8) Macy's, Kohl's or Lowe's Occupation for the Seven Dwarfs Oxygen producer South American country with a red-and-white flag Pick a pet from the pound Funder of a political campaign Something tracked on Track Changes Ewe's guys Cheap and in bad taste (6) Morello or maraschino? (6) They're not the only fruit - used to make marmalade (7) Haggard, wrinkled (5) Act indecisively (5) Diner's request (5) Carrot or radish, for instance (7)
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